Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor


Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Sleep Monitor section from both versions of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following systems:


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The Sleep Monitor allows you to record sleep and wake times for any child.

Only children that you have specified you want to record their sleep and wake times for will appear within this section, you can use the Included section on the system to select the children that you want to display within this section.

Key Areas of the Sleep Monitor section

Only children that you have specified you want to record their sleep and wake times for will appear within this section.
Unlimited sleep and wake times can be added for any child.
Record a note alongside each sleep or wake time that is added.
You can select and record the exact time they went to sleep and woke up.
Parents can view their child's sleep and wake times on any device including the app.
Graphical statistics of each child's sleep and wake times for any month are visible by administrators and parents.

Available on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps

The Sleep section is available for use by both Administrators and Parents on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps as well as a web browser on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Administrators can add, edit, view and delete sleep and wake times for any child, and parents can view sleep times for their children and in addition they can view statistical graphs of their children's sleep times for any month of the year.

Amazon Alexa Enabled

You can communicate and add data directly to the sleep monitor section on your Baby's Days system from any of your Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

You can quickly and easily ask "Alexa" to record a sleep or wake time for any child on your system at the current time, in addition you can also "Alexa" when a child slept today and for how long.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Medical section on the system.


The Sleep Monitor overview page displays all the children you have selected to view in this section within the room they were assigned to.

If the Action column displays a green icon this indicates that a sleep time has not been set for a child, once a sleep time has been set the icon will then display a red icon indicating the child is asleep, you can then click on on this icon to set the time the child woke up, you can also add a note that is recorded and saved alongside the sleep or wake time.

To view and record sleep times for any day other than today clicking on the calendar icon will take you to a new page to view and record additional sleep times for the selected child for any day.

Monthly View

The monthly view page for a child displays their sleep and wake times for the current month and year, you can switch and view any month of any year.

To record a sleep or wake time for the child you click on the blue sleep icon within the selected day, then select the time they went to sleep or woke up and click on the set button.

Within any day of the month if a sleep or wake time has been recorded the time they slept and woke up will be displayed, clicking on the Show Notes link at the bottom of each day will display each sleep and wake time for the day along with the relevant notes that were added when the sleep or wake time was recorded.

Each time a sleep or wake time has been recorded for the child this data is represented in statistical graphs, these can be viewed in a line chart, area chart, bar chart or column chart.

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