Android and Apple Apps

Mobile Phone Apps

Mobile Phone Apps

Our Android phone and iPhone apps are available in the Apple app store and Google Play Store, just search for Baby's Days to download them.

The app is available for use with any standard or premium Baby's Days subscription package, and with Baby's Days you can connect to your system on your laptop, PC, Mac, mobile phone, iPad and tablet all at the same time, something you simply cannot do with any other system.

We're aware that there are a lot of Early Years apps on the market, and some of those apps are even free! However, when you actually look into what you're getting with those other apps, you're going to be very disappointed as they don't offer you a fraction of the features that the Baby's Days app will offer.

Simply put, the Baby's Days app is better, faster and will save you more time, in fact it has more features than any other available app and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it, our app (unlike others) isn't just for adding observations or next steps, you can run your entire childcare business from our app including one click recording of children's arrival and departure times in the register, one click recording of doses of medication, upload photographs, videos, record observations, next steps, create diaries, record visitors with signatures, ask parents to sign your documents directly from the app including policies and permissions and much more.

The current release of our App allows you to use, manage, edit, delete, add and update the following sections on the system, ie: Whatever you can do on the web version, you will be able to do on the app within the following sections:

Administrators, Rooms, Positions, Children, Parental Access, Diary Helpers, Profile Sections, Children's Birthdays, Daily Checklist, Visitors, Daily Diaries, General Notes, Children, Departed Children, Waiting List, Moving Children, Authorised Persons, Nappies, Daily Diaries, Accidents and Incidents, Short term medications, Long term medications, Concerns, Medications, Attendance Register - Including one touch arrival and departure, Private Messages, Progress - Complete section including achievement dates, observations, photographs and videos, Observations, Next Steps - All children's Next Steps, Individual Learning Plans, Photographs and Videos, Policies and Permissions including the ability for parents to sign their approval of them..

We will release updated versions of the app throughout 2017 that will include all of the above features plus additional new features yet to be announced.

Android and Apple iPhone Apps

Android phones:
Our app is available in the Android Play Store for all Android mobile phones from version 4.3.x onwards, just search for Baby's Days in the Play Store and download our app to your mobile phone.

Our app is available in the App Store for all iPhones from iOS version 8.4.1 onwards, just search for Baby's Days in the App store and download our app to your iPhone.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are some screen shots taken from our app, click on the images below to see a full screen version.

Attendance Register

One click arrival and departure times. Simply click on your selected child and session 1 and 2's arrival and departure time boxes will appear for the child, simply click in the box and the app will automatically enter the currnt time as the child's actual arrival or departure time at your setting.

Medical Overview

See children's medication at a glance. Within the medical overview section you can see at a glance if a child has any active medications, if any medications or accidents need a parent's signature or when their last concern was added for them.

Photographs and Videos

Take photographs and videos on your mobile device and upload them directly to your Baby's Days system from the app, and don't worry about poor internet connection, should you lose internet connection when uploading the app will automatically resume when you reconnect.

View an Accident / Incident

Accidents do happen and the beauty of the app on your mobile device is that you can record the accident or incident instantly, you can even send an email to the children's parents advising them of the accident and they'll also be able to login and sign the accident form straight away on their mobile phone.


Record visitors instantly on the app, and if the visitor is a regular visitor you can record their arrival with just a couple of taps on the screen, in addition you can ask the visitor to sign their arrival directly on your mobile phone screen.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are incorporated on the app, in the first release parents will be able to sign their child's accident / incident forms and their short and long term medications, in the next release they will be able to sign policies and permissions and contracts.

Daily Diaries

Create diaries for the children on the app, meal information will automatically added to the diaries and you can upload photos and videos for the children.

Learning Journeys / Progress

Record achievement dates, add observations incorporating the Characteristics of Effective Learning and next steps, see at a glance exactly how well a child is progressing through the EYFS and upload photos and videos directly to a child's learning journey / progress using the app.

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