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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few years we have been asked many questions about the Baby's Days system, some of the most common questions we get asked are shown below, we hope these will answer some of the queries you may have about the system.

Simply click on any question below to see the answer to the question. Should you have a question that has not been answered below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Questions and Answers

We state the following on our purchase page:

It can take up to two hours to setup your personal Baby's Days system, however, it is usually instant, once your personal Baby's Days system has been setup, we will email you with full login instructions to access your system so you can start using it straight away.

Yes you do, although not just when you are using an online system.

If in your setting you take photos (even if you delete them straight away) or you store contact numbers then you must be registered with the ICO, you can find more information at the following link:

There are five subscription levels available on the Baby's Days system:

Level 1 - Allows you to add up to 50 children on to your system.
Level 2 - Allows you to add up to 100 children on to your system.
Level 3 - Allows you to add up to 300 children on to your system.
Level 4 - Allows you to add up to 500 children on to your system.
Level 5 - Allows you to add unlimited children on to your system.

When subscribing to Baby’s Days our clear terms and conditions are available to read and agree to, within these terms and conditions it states the following:

Term – The Sys IQ Ltd Subscription Service is for a minimum term of SIX months, this Term and Agreement will commence when You click the check box to accept this Agreement and submit your first payment to Sys IQ Ltd, this will either be a monthly or an annual subscription payment. Thereafter, this Agreement shall automatically renew for subsequent one-month or one-year periods at the then-current Fees. The renewal periods are collectively the “Term”. You may terminate this Agreement by providing notice in writing to Sys IQ Ltd at any time after the SIX months contracted period; however, You acknowledge that You shall be billed pro rata for the month period in which Sys IQ Ltd receives notice of Your termination of this Agreement based on the day on which Sys IQ Ltd receives notices of Your termination and subject to the monthly minimum Fee.

We do not offer refunds on any purchases of a Sys IQ Ltd's subscription package, in addition as the system is a customised software package you do not have any rights under the 7 day cooling off period to request a refund within 7 days of purchasing, we offer a free full trial of the system, we recommend you take advantage of this free trial prior to taking out a subscription with us to ensure the system will meet your needs and expectations.

Technically you can use any tablet that has internet access but we highly recommend iPads simply because certain Android devices only allow you to upload one photo at a time which can be time consuming. iPads allow multiple uploads and we always recommend an iPad mini which you can then add through your expenses. However if you do have an Android device then another option is to use Dropbox to upload multiple photos.

Any iPhone with iOS 10+ or an Android phone with operating system 7+ will allow you to use the app on any of our standard or premium packages.

Yes, an app is available for Android phones, this can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, simply search for Baby's Days, and for iPhones simply search for Baby's Days in the Apple App Store, you can use the app with any of our standard or premium subscription packages.

We do offer training days for which we have received very positive feedback for. These courses cover the entire system and you will leave as a much more confident user of the system. These are held in Milton Keynes and details are always emailed to customers as well as being announced on our main Facebook page.

You can add children across all the age ranges you require, and you can categorise them into rooms according to their age for a more manageable approach.

Everything you need to run an organised and successful child care business is on Baby’s Days. All the requirements laid out within the EYFS are covered if you use Baby’s Days to it’s full potential.

Yes Morton Michel and Pacey support Baby’s Days contracts. It is important to remember that each case is treated individually though and, therefore, it is vital to fill in the contracts on the system in full. We spent a great deal of time developing our contracts so that they are the best on the market.

Yes there is, we support this group but it is not run by us, it is run by a customer. It can be found at the following link:

We created a PDF to help with this, and we highly recommend reading it. Be confident when explaining and knowing the system:

No this is not something we do offer due to the fact that the trial is not on a secure server like our live customer's systems. We recommend adding a test child and having a play and exploring the system this way. The trial is an exact replica of a live system.

Yes you can, as frequently as you like by using the bulk document download feature or the bulk photograph download feature.

Yes you can, any items you use 100% only for your business can be claimed through your business expenses.

You can either log in as a test child parent so they can explore the features, or you can choose to print a sample of what is on offer to show them.

Absolutely, customer input and feedback have helped us to develop this system over the years. You can add your thoughts and ideas at the following URL, however, you must be a registered customer to be able to use this site:

Yes by either logging in as a parent or using a test child’s parent. We highly recommend you getting to know the system from a parent’s perspective so that you can answer any queries they may have.

Absolutely yes, there are no limits to the number of staff (administrators) and parents that can be connected to the system at the same time.

You can print or you can save to pdf and email the information across to them.

Yes you can and we highly recommend doing this. If you have children lined up it is a great opportunity to get to grips with the system before they actually start and you can add your policies and permissions and contracts for when you are ready to launch your business.

Medical forms
Accidents and Incidents
Bookkeeping - Invoices and Expenses.

We work on many new features at any one time and the Welsh version is something that we are looking at developing in the future.

Our system is as secure as can be, we have taken great lengths to ensure we offer the highest possible security. We simply will not support browsers that have so many security flaws and are unsafe to use. Google search brings up many examples, we support every other browser.

To use Baby’s Days effectively and reliably we recommend a minimum upload speed of 2Mb, and a download speed of approximately 0.5Mb

Absolutely, we are an evolving system and change parts of the system as necessary so that it falls in line with the EYFS. We have a hard working team who are always on hand to develop areas as and when it is needed.

Absolutely, we are an evolving system and change parts of the system as necessary so that it falls in line with the EYFS. We have a hard working team who are always on hand to develop areas as and when it is needed.

Yes you can backdate information on any part of the system.

It will appear as Sys IQ Ltd and we use Paypal as our payment processor.

Yes they are as detailed in our terms and conditions found at the following link:

We have many customers who tell us that using Baby’s Days has enhanced their understanding of the EYFS and has made it far less daunting. Baby’s Days keeps up with the changes to any requirements, meaning that it is one less thing for you to worry about. The linking of areas of the system such as observations, next steps, photographs makes using the system so easy, and the learning journeys and trackers mean tracking progress has never been easier and professional at the same time.

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