Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the iSign feature from both versions of the Baby's Days system.

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The iSign feature on the system ensures that all parents are able to digitally sign the documents on your system regardless to the device they use to login to your system. If parents use a mobile phone or tablet they can sign as usual using the touch screen on the device, if parents only login using a laptop or PC they can sign using the iSign feature you have setup with them.

Administrators use iSign:

If parents do not connect to your system using a mobile phone or tablet you can setup the iSign feature with them, the system then stores their encrypted signature and password on the system,  then whenever a signature is required on a document they simply enter their secure password, the system displays their signature and they confirm to sign with their signature.

This same process works for administrators on the system too, thus saving time in having to manually sign documents.

Key Areas of the iSign feature section

Every parent can have their iSign signature setup for them so they can sign documents on your system on a laptop or PC.
Parent's actual hand written signature is stored on the system along with their encrypted password.
Anywhere on the system that a document requires a signature from a parent, the parent can enter their iSign password and the system will display their actual hand written signature that they can select and use to sign the document.
iSign only needs to be setup once with each parent, their signature can then be used forever on the system when they need to sign documents.
Administrators can also setup their iSign signature so they too can save time when signing documents on the system.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the iSign feature section on the system.

iSign Overview

The iSign overview page displays a list of the current children on the system, clicking on the down arrow expands information for the child and displays each of their parents. Each parent on the system can have their own personal iSign signature setup for them, this signature is digitally encrypted along with their secure password that only they are aware of.

Due to security reasons a parent or an administrator cannot retrieve or display a parent's encrypted password.

Setting up iSign for a parent or administrator is a very simple process, they simply sign on the screen and enter a secure password, once complete they click save and this information is securely encrypted and stored on the system.

Once iSign has been setup, the overview page displays the date and time the parent or administrator setup their iSign signature.

Using iSign

Once a parent or administrator's iSign signature has been setup on the system, anywhere on the system that a document requires a signature, the system will know that they have setup their iSign and it will ask them for their secure password.

Once they enter the correct iSign password the system will display their signature that they previously created, now they simply click OK to confirm and sign the required document.

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