SEF - Self Evaluation

SEF - Self Evaluation Form - England

SEF - Self Evaluation - (England)

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the SEF - Self Evaluation Form section from the English version of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following systems:


To view screenshots and information from other areas of the system, click on any link to the right.

The SEF - Self Evaluation Form on the system is a duplicate of the Ofsted SEF, you can complete the SEF on the system and email a pdf copy of your SEF for the inspector to read before your inspection.

INCLUDED - A 4000 Word completed sample SEF

On every system we have added a completed 4,000 word SEF, you can use this SEF to help you understand how to write your own for your setting, alternatively you can copy and edit this SEF to suit your setting, we are sure this feature will save you many hours of work and research

When you have completed your SEF you can save it in pdf format and email it to your inspector to read before your inspection.

Key Areas of the SEF - Self Evaluation Form (England) section

Complete a SEF on the system that contains duplicate sections to the OFSTED SEF.
Direct links to the official help guides to assist you with completing the SEF are included.
Start a SEF and complete it at a later date.
Print the save or save it as a .pdf document and email it directly to your OFSTED inspector.
Copy a SEF on the system to save time when completing a new SEF.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Self Evaluation Form (England) section on the system.

SEF Overview

The SEF overview page allows you to see at a glance exactly how you have rated your setting within each completed SEF. Easily view, edit, print copy and delete a SEF on the system.

SEF Rating

For each section of the SEF quickly and easily rate your setting from inadequate to outstanding.

Sample SEF

We have added a 4,000 word completed sample SEF onto every system, you can use this SEF to assist you in creating your own or you can modify it to suit your setting.

SEF Areas

Each area of the official SEF is replicated on your system including:

The Setting
Views of Others
Children's Needs
Children's Well Being
Leadership and Management
Quality and Standards

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