"Our customers are awarded Outstanding every month"

Every month our customers contact us and let us know they've been awarded an Outstanding Grade during their recent inspection, they also tell us that Baby's Days has helped them achieve this Outstanding grade and they're adamant they wouldn't have received this grade had they not been using the system.

Shown below is what one of our customers told us about their recent inspection.

I just wanted to personally say a massive THANK YOU to you and your team. Just had my Ofsted inspection report and was awarded OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS!!

I know that a huge part of this is down to your OUTSTANDING Baby's Days system.

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Continuous Updates

Baby's Days is updated with new features every month and you receive these updates at no extra cost to you, that's the beauty of an online system.

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Complete Parental Access

Baby's Days is the only system available offering complete secure access for parents to view and contribute to their children's development directly on the system.

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Meets the 2017 EYFS

Baby's Days conforms fully with the new 2017 EYFS, all areas of the system are inline and are updated regularly to ensure recommended guidelines are met.

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Remove 99% of Paperwork

Baby's Days will remove up to 99% of the paperwork from your childcare setting, removing paperwork reduces time, manpower and print costs for you in your setting.

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Progress Statistics are system generated for individual children or groups of children.



Progress Trackers are system generated for individual children or groups of children.


The Best Data Security Available In The Industry

Your data is our business, therefore, no expense is spared in keeping your data secure at one of the most advanced and secure data centres in the world. You can rest assured knowing your data is safe.

Complete Parental Interaction

Baby’s Days has more than just access for parents, it has complete interaction allowing parents to completely contribute to their child's learning and development.

Digital Signatures Across The Entire System

Only Baby’s Days allows both Parents and Staff to digitally sign directly onto the system, thus saving the need for you to store unnecessary paperwork.

Print all areas of the system

Every area of the Baby's Days system can be printed, in addition, the system creates .pdf files that can be saved to disc or onto a USB dongle and stored as required. Now you can store a single USB drive instead of reams of paperwork.

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it as to how great Baby’s Days is, we have thousands of satisfied customers, read reviews and testimonials actual users of the system.

How Baby's Days Works and Operates

Over 5 years of design and development have gone into Baby’s Days, read about how the system works and why it is the most advanced system in the industry.

Take A Free System Demonstration

If you want to see for yourself exactly how great Baby’s Days is, then take our free no obligation 14 day fully functional demonstration of the system.

Purchase A Baby's Days System

Are you ready to switch to the most advanced software system in the industry for all chilcare professionals. Make the move and transform your business today.

Complete Parental Interaction is only available from Baby's DaysRead More

An Outstanding System used by Outstanding Childcare Settings

Sharing Memories

Only Baby's Days allows you to communicate and share the precious memories with the parents of the children in your care, sharing their children's learning and development, achievements, wow moments, photographs and videos is a breeze with Baby's Days.


In addition Baby's Days is completely unique in the childcare industry, in fact it's the only system that enables you to capture and record digital signatures, photographs and videos directly on your system, allows unlimited connections for you, your staff and parents and most importantly allows you to run your entire business from one system.



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