What is Baby's Days?

What is Baby's Days?

What is Baby's Days?

Baby's Days is the best selling and most advanced EYFS childcare management software system of its kind and used by more childcare settings than any other software package in the industry, complex yet simple to manage and available for Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Childminders within the UK and across the World. Baby's Days is the only system in the world that allows you to run your entire childcare business from one system.

There are two versions of the system available for purchase:

1. The English version incorporating the EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage.
2. The Scottish version incorporating GIRFEC - Getting it right for every child and SHANARRI


Both systems are very similar, with each system individually designed and developed to assist all child care settings with the forms and paperwork involved around their particular curriculum (English or Scottish) and their setting which includes the structure of Learning, Development and Care.

Supporting child care professionals for over 10 years.

Designed and developed for over a year with help from numerous Early Year Practitioners and launched in April 2009, Baby's Days is the most Outstanding Online Software Application available to ensure you meet all required areas of the English (EYFS) or Scottish (GIRFEC and SHANARRI) curriculum quickly, simply and efficiently. As other child care software systems close down year after year, Baby's Days continues to grow and hold its position as the most widely used and most Outstanding software system in the industry.

Yes, other systems are available but they only provide a fraction of the features available with Baby's Days, in addition, no other system has the Parental Interaction that Baby's Days can offer you within your Childcare setting.

No other system has the features and benefits of Baby's Days.

Baby's Days is not just another Software application for creating a learning journal by adding observations and next steps for children, it is a software application that enables staff to complete required paperwork within the childcare setting quickly & efficiently and includes more features than any other system on the market, take a look at the menu on the right to see all the features that Baby's Days includes:

The Baby's Days system is the only software application of its type available anywhere in the World for Nurseries and Childminders, and provides a one stop software application for Nursery Staff and Childminders.

The intelligent system has been proven to save you hours on your paperwork, time-consuming tasks such as recording a child's bottle feeds through to monitoring a Child's Progress now takes just a few minutes, there is no need to enter necessary data more than once as all areas of the system communicate with each other.

Communication with Children's Parents is a breeze.

Record bottle feeds, nappies, sleep times or more and the parents are notified immediately on the app, Parents can add observations, next steps, upload photographs, record accidents and incidents that took place at home, record medications, send you private messages, leave notes for you across the system and much more.

Only Baby's Days can remove 99% of the paperwork in your setting, everything you need to run your business is included in the system from tracking children's progress through to contracts, policies and permissions, only Baby's Days has it all.

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With over 100 available features on every Baby's Days system, select one below that you'd like to read about first.


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