Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Communicate section from both versions of the Baby's Days system.

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Key Areas of the Communicate section

Send a fully designed newsletter with formatted text or images or just send a simple QuickMessage or Private Message.
Newsletters and QuickMessages can be sent to the parents you select with the click of a mouse.
Parents can connect to your system to view your newsletter or read your QuickMessage in their email client.
You will know exactly who has and who has not read your newsletter.
Private Messages can be sent to Parents or other Administrators on the system and will be alerted that they have a message when they login to the system.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Communicate section on the system.

Communicate Overview

The overview page of the communicate sections allows you to see every Newsletter and QuickMessage that you have ever created and sent on the system.

The overview page details the title, the number of parents it was sent to along with the date it was sent and the ability to Send/Re-send, edit, view, print copy or delete the Newsletter or QuickMessage.

For each Newsletter the system offers you statistics on which parents have connected and viewed the Newsletter along with the date they viewed it.

Create and Send a QuickMessage

Creating a QuickMessage and sending it to the parents on your system is a quick and simple process, the first step is to select which parents you want to receive your QuickMessage, just place a tick on the row of the child that displays the parents name and email address.

Scroll down the page and enter the title and description of your QuickMessage, you can even use the clever mail merge feature that ensures that each parent receives a personalised email with their name and their child's name.

Then simply click the Send Message button and your email will be sent to each parent you selected.

Private Messages

Private messages can be sent on the system by Administrators or Parents, Administrators can send Private Messages to other Administrators or any Parent, Parent's can only send messages to Administrators.

If you have received a Private Message an alert will appear within the Control Centre when you login and a flashing icon will display alongside the logout button at the top of every page.

Create a Newsletter

Creating a Newsletter on the Baby's Days system is a simple process and we have made that even easier by including a selection of pre-created sample Newsletters that can be copied and edited to suit your setting.

We have added over 5000 clipart images ranging from all types of animals through to body parts and flags of the world, adding a clipart image is a simple choose and click process, and in addition you can upload an unlimited number of your own photographs or clipart to your Newsletters.

You can add tables including rows and columns, edit the font and even add smilies, if you know how to use any of the popular word processing applications to create your Newsletters then you will be able to create Newsletters on the Baby's Days system.

Once you have created your Newsletter it can be previewed and then saved for sending now or in the future.

Send a Newsletter

To send a Newsletter to the Parents on your system you simply select which Newsletter you would like to send and then select which parents you want to receive your Newsletter, just place a tick on the row of the child that displays the parents name and email address.

Then simply click the Send Newsletter button and each parent you selected will be sent an email advising them that a Newsletter is ready to be viewed when they login to your system, as soon as they connect to your system they will be able to navigate to the Communicate section on the system to view the Newsletter that you sent to them.

As soon as a parent connects to your system and views the Newsletter the statistics on the main overview page will be updated with the date the parent viewed the Newsletter.

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