Baby's Days Security?

How secure is Baby's Days?

How secure is Baby's Days

Baby’s Days is the most advanced childcare management software system available anywhere in the world and is used by thousands of childcare settings across the UK and the world in countries including: Dubai, Qatar, Yemen, Cyprus, India, China, Japan, Australia, USA and Vietnam.

The Baby’s Days system has been a market leader and available for purchase for over 12 years, and every month the system is upgraded with additional features and enhancements at no extra cost to our customers.

We have our own, in-house, team of developers who all understand the exact operation of the system and are able to respond immediately to upgrades and requests, unlike other companies who sub contract the development of their system to unknown individuals.

We own our servers and infrastructure and have invested over £1/4 million to ensure we are running the best equipment and solutions available in the market. We host our own servers at one of the most secure and advanced data centres in the world.

How secure is your data?

There are actually two things to look into when asking how secure your data is, the first is:

How secure is my data when it leaves my computer and travels across the internet to the company’s server?

For your data to leave your computer and travel across the internet securely, the system you use must have a 256 Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, this is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted secure link between the server and the browser on your PC wherever you connect from anywhere in the world. The SSL Certificate used on every customer's system has an "A" rating, as shown below:

As stated every Baby’s Days system has this in place so you can rest assured that your data is transmitted securely.

Unfortunately, most people think that this is all that is required for your data to be secure and it just simply isn’t, you must now ask yourself the next question:

How secure is my data when it arrives on the company’s server?

This is actually a lot MORE important than the first question. Once your data is on the company’s server you really need to know how secure the data is when it sits on their server in a data centre (wherever it may be), and you need to ask the following questions:

Where is my data on the server located, for example UK or overseas?
How secure is the server at the data centre?
Who has access to my data?

Most companies offering software solutions for the childcare industry simply rent a cheap server from one of many companies, these companies could be based anywhere in the world, not necessarily in the UK, naturally they will TELL you that your data is secure and they have the best security in place for your data etc, but do they really?

Are they able to actually prove to you or even show you where your data is held on their server(s) and who really does have access to your data?

At Baby’s Days we’re different, we don’t just tell you that your data is safe and secure we can also prove it, we want to show you exactly where and how your data is stored on our servers because we’re proud of our infrastructure, we have invested over a £1/4 million and we know we have the best security and infrastructure of any childcare software company in the industry, and that’s fact.

ISO 27001 Data Centre

Our servers and YOUR personal data is held at one of the most advanced data centres in the world, the data centre hold the prestigious ISO 27001 certification.

What does this mean for you?

An ISO 27001 Certification is one of the most widely recognised independent global standards for security an organisation can achieve. Certification to the standard involves a lengthy process whereby every facet of the business is examined from a security and process standpoint ensuring the data centre is compliant to the highest security and management standards.

You CAN be confident that your digital assets are handled securely, according to clearly defined and vetted processes.

Security standards and compliance are especially important particularly where personal data is collected and stored, you need to know that your data is safe and secure. Our ISO 27001 certified data centre means you can be assured of standardised security levels and practices, which have been independently verified by a third-party auditor.

This certification means that you can rest easy; knowing your system and confidential data is being managed to a rigorous set of standards, processes and industry best-practices which are regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement.

We don’t rent servers from a 3rd party company; we own our own servers and lots of them! The additional security of owning our own hardware ensures that only we have access to our servers and the data held on our servers.

Our servers are located in England at one of the largest and most secure data centres in the world, with ISO 27001 the international standard for information security management, the data centre is independently assessed and certified regularly.

Our data centre is located on its own secure compound with highly restricted access, manned physical security, 70 CCTV cameras, access control, anti tailgate vehicle access, external compound detection, site wide speaker system, no opening windows throughout the site and reinforced glass, steel reinforced walls and a police response alarm system.

Access to our servers is strictly controlled by access control, CCTV and an advanced anti-tailgating portal.

Is my data backed up?

There would be very little point in using a 3rd party company to store your paperwork in digital format if your data is not backed up and cannot be recovered under any circumstances, be sure to ask exactly how they backup your data and what retention period they offer.

At Baby’s Days we back up all our customer’s systems on a 30 day retention period, this simply means that we can recover any area of your system or your complete system from up to 30 days ago, if you simply need data recovered from a specific part of your system or you want your system completely restored from backups that are 30 days old, we can do this for you.

All of our customer’s systems are backed up to another data centre ten miles from our main data centre, this ensures that should anything happen to our main data centre your data is recoverable from our second data centre.

Now you decide!

Before you decide which system to purchase or use for free for your childcare setting be sure to get the facts about how and where your data is stored and exactly who has access to it!

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