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Baby's Days - EYFS What is the EYFS?
What is the EYFS?

Schools and Early Year's providers have to follow a structure of learning, development and care for children from birth to five years old. This is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and it enables all children to learn through a range of activities.

Every parent knows that a child’s experiences in their first few years are crucial, which is why the Government made the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory from 1st September 2008 and revised it on 1st September 2012.

The EYFS ensures that all under fives in childcare benefit from a safe, secure and happy environment where they can play and develop.

Experiences in early years can benefit children in developing social skills and their ability to learn, and good quality childcare has been shown to benefit children throughout primary school.

The EYFS is aimed at providing the help teachers and professionals need in order to give children the best start in life.

At the heart of the EYFS is the principle that young children need to play in order to have fun, make friends and to begin to learn and understand about the world around them.

Ensuring the welfare and safety of children is a fundamental part of the EYFS. The standards made statutory by the EYFS reassures parents that by using childcare they are doing the very best for their child, as they will be safe and well looked after.

It also emphasises the importance of working closely with parents to help reassure them about the welfare of their child and also encourage them to get more involved with their child’s development both at home and when they are with their childminder.

The EYFS also brings out the importance of each child being able to develop at their own pace.

So, how does Baby's Days help you within your setting?

Baby's Days is an online software system that allows you to complete all areas of the EYFS quickly and efficiently including Daily Diaries, Planning, Progress, Observations, Next Steps, Individual Learning Plans and much more. The system interacts with the children's parents allowing them to login to the system to view their child's data.

Baby's Days has been proven to reduce your EYFS workload and simplify all areas.

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