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Baby's Days - System Features: A to N Daily Checklist
Daily Checklist
Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Daily Checklist section of the Baby's Days software system.

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Key Areas of the Daily Checklist section:
  • Help videos are available to assist you in setting up and recording your Daily Checklist.
  • An unlimited number of risk areas can be added to your Daily checklist, for example, kitchen, garden, bedroom etc.
  • An unlimited number of actions can be added to your Daily checklist, for example check the garden for foreign objects etc
  • Daily checklists for any week of the year can be viewed.
  • Notes can be recorded on any action for any week of the year.
  • All the items within your daily checklist can be confirmed as completed with just one click of the mouse on any page of the system.

Alongside each screenshot is a description of this area, click the thumbnails to enlarge the images on your screen.

Risk Areas

Create a new Risk Area:

Create a new Risk Area

View existing Risk Areas:

View existing Risk Areas

Risk Areas are areas within the setting where actions are assigned to them, for example, Garden, kitchen, play room etc.

Once the Risk Areas have been created on the system you can add actions to the Risk Areas, for example: check for foreign objects in the garden.

An unlimited number of Risk Areas can be added to the system.


Add a new Action:

Add a new Action

View existing Actions:

View existing Actions

Once Risk Areas have been created on the system you can add actions to the Risk Areas, for example: check for foreign objects in the garden.

An unlimited number of Actions within Risk Areas can be added to the system.

Daily Checklist

Daily Checklist:

Select checklist to view

View a daily checklist

Add a note to an action


Daily checklists are shown for each week of any month, each checklist is broken down from Monday thru to Sunday, the checklist displays every Action added to the system displayed within their Risk Areas.

Actions within the checklist can be marked off as completed individually or by clicking on the tick at the bottom of the day, this will mark off all the actions for the week as completed.

Any Action within a Checklist can be assigned with a note, this note can information related to an issue with that particular Action for example: broken window latch, fence broken etc.


Mark all actions as complete

Mark all actions as complete:

Mark all actions as complete
At the top of every page on the system is a Daily Checklist icon, clicking on this icon allows you to mark off all the actions within your daily checklist as complete for the day.

"Customer Testimonials"

"Baby's Days is my saviour! It's given me back precious hours spent doing paperwork that I can now spend with my own family.

My parents also love the interactive nature of it, being able to view their children's daily diaries and progress records at their own convenience, and contribute their own comments via the system which I can also respond to.

It really is the way forward, I can't recommend Baby's Days highly enough!"

Kerri B - Southampton

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